The Rock Cycle by Amber and Adriana

This is how the rock cycle goes…say you were sedimentary rock, then you were exposed to heat,pressure,and chemical action. Over time you would change into metamorphic rock. Then you got melted and became magma,then  you solidified and became igneous rock. After that,if you were exposed to weathering you would become sedimentary rock ,or, stay the same! Also, if you are sedimentary rock and you are exposed to more weathering and erosion, you would become sediment.Only then can you be changed back into a rock by pressure and heat. Then you would become sedimentary rock again! Then it starts back all over again. But  a lot of times it doesn’t go so smooth. Like if you were metamorphic rock and you got weathered and eroded then you would take a short cut to sedimentary rock! Also if you were igneous rock and you melted you would be magma. Now we need a little information on these types of rock. Sedimentary rock is a rock that sand and dirt that get squished together and over time form a rock with lots of layers. Metamorphic rock is a rock made from already existing rock put into one rock,of course this takes a long time too just like sedimentary rock. Igneous or A.K.A magnetic rock is just magma or lava cooled down and solidified. Sediment is like the building block of a sedimentary rock,it has to get squished back to a rock again. That rock would be Sedimentary Rock. A rock and a mineral are two different things. A a rock is something that is  very hard, or solid, but a mineral is a solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.

Some examples of sedimentary rock is sandstone,coal,slate,and limestone.

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Now we move on to examples of igneous rock are pumice,granite, andesite, and diorite.

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Some metamorphic rock examples are schist,and quartzite

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